Nov 8, 2010

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The Advantages of Satellite Images

Satellite images can make forecasting weather conditions much more clear-cut because they show accurately what is happening in any given location. These images show the concentration, speed and direction of the storms, allowing a weather forecaster to give more precise information to the areas in front of the storm. By merely observing a satellite image, the forecaster can see what changes are taking place within a certain storm system over a period of time. In case the storm is escalating or breaking apart, changing its directions, speeding up or slowing down, this will all become noticeable in satellite images. This becomes particularly useful in areas prone to hurricanes or tornados. These images permit forecasters to foresee with relative accurateness what areas may have the greatest risk of being hit by an approaching storm, and allowing the local people to get ready.

These images can also help forecasters to find out the sternness of the upcoming storm. They can predict heavy showers or snow storms, or even light rain or flurries according to what the satellite images illustrate. They can also perceive where rigorous conditions may be forming with in a larger less harsh system. It is very vital to have these satellite images as these give information, and let other people have time to prepare for the upcoming storm, and help photographers find out where to set up to get some of those far-fetched storms or lightning pictures you’ve seen. By observing the spot of severe weather cells within storms, photographers are able to settle on if they will have a good chance to capture or take a picture of tornado, cloud structure or lightning pictures. They can also foretell when and where the safest places or positions for taking these pictures will most likely be.

Satellite images have made weather forecasting much more truthful and functional than it was not so many years ago because of the details and quantity of information obtainable. Forecasters are now able to give the public a much better image of what to anticipate in the next week, day or hour because of information provided by these satellite images.

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